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The minimum age you can drive a car is 17yrs. If you are in receipt of mobility allowance then the age is reduced to 16.You can not drive on your own until you have passed theory test and the practical test.

First you need to apply for a provisional license. This can be done by obtaining a driving license application form (D1), it's available at post offices. ( Pwllheli Main Post Office in this area)

Currently provisional license cost 50.00 (Check dvla web site to make sure this is the correct amount) In order to obtain your license you need some form of identification

Acceptable form of identification are Full Valid Current Passport, Birth Certificate, Certificate of Registry of Birth (Provided your name is present on the certificate), Adoption certificate, ID Card issued by a member state of the EC/EEA, Travel Documents issued by the Home Office Certificate of Naturalisation or Registration

Do not drive until you have received your provisional license.

Eye test. Make sure you can see a number plate from a distance of 20.5 meters with letters measuring 79.4mm in height in good day light. If you are in any doubt, go and get your sight check out at the opticians.

For more information please visit dvla web site.




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