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*The price includes 6hrs on the road training and the certificate that will entitle you for insurance discount. There's no test to do at the end of the course, no pass or fail you just have to reach  the required standard with either achieved or exceeded. Train at your own pace.*





Now you've passed your driving test, learning

Now you have passed your test, learning doesn't stop there. Why not enrol on a pass plus course. Pass plus is a voluntary scheme that offers benefit to

  • Newly qualified car drivers -  safer driving and discounted motor insurance.
  • Insurers - fewer claims and expenditures.
  • The general public - safer roads.

Pass Plus is a six module training syllabus, designed by the Driving Standards Agency to develop the skills and knowledge of the newly qualified drivers and broaden their driving experiences.

The course can be done on a weekly basses or it can be done in a day, you must drive for 5 1/2 hrs out of the 6 hrs. The course includes the following topics.

Town Driving This could be done in Pwllheli or Bangor
All weather driving This is a difficult subject to cover in practice as the   weather is so unpredictable, there will  be a lot of theory on this subject.
Out of town Driving and rural roads This could be done going to Bangor or around Anglesey.
Night driving This will have to be done after daylight.
Dual carriageways   This can easily be done around Bangor A55
Motorway driving The nearest motorway to our area is Chester. We can travel to Chester so we can drive on a motorway, but dual carriage way and motorway driving are similar therefore it might not be necessary to have a practice session on a motorway.



While doing the above subjects you'll be assessed and marked with Achieved (A) - successfully reached the required standard for each of the competencies. It's needs to be signed and dated by myself the instructor and yourself the pupil. It's then sent to the Driving Standards Agency where they'll send you a certificate free of charge. Your then entitled for your insurance discounts.

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