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Safety Check Questions Pt.1


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At the beginning of your test you will be asked two safety check questions. Theses are sometimes known as  tell me/show me safety  checks questions. Below I have given you the answers to all the questions that you could be asked. Remember you will only be asked two questions. You may view the safety check question on the Driving Standards Agency web site.


Anti Lock Braking system.

The question your going to be asked is how would you know if you have a problem with the anti lock braking system or ABS for short.

Here's a picture of the ABS warning light. (Rover Does not have Abs.) If it did, and there was a problem with the ABS, this warning light would come on. it's found with the other warning lights in the display unit near the speed odometer etc.


Rear Fog Lights

They will ask you how to turn the fog lights on and when they should be used.

Fog lights should be used when visibility is reduced to below 100 meters. To operate the fog lights you'll need to turn the key to position 2. Turn your head lights on. Then push the fog light button. At the back you'll have 2 bright red lights (1 On some vehicles) and a warning light will come in the on the dash board.

Fog light switch















Fog light warning light.


2 rear fog light on


Dipped or full beam (Head lights)

Your going to be asked how to switch your headlights from main beam to full beam and how you would know the difference from inside the car in day light.

First of all you'll need to turn the light s on.

  • Headlight and tail lights.


On the Fiesta turn the switch on two notches to operate the lights. By turning the switch the tail light will come on, these are two red light that come on at the back of the car and at the front the  headlights would come on. on your test once you have turned the switch your expected to go outside and check the tail lights and the headlights to see if they are working.


For full beam you'll need make sure the blue light is on, you'll find it on the dash board.

To switch from full beam to dipped head light you would use the indicator stalk. Pull it gently towards the steering. that will switch it between dipped and full beam. When the blue light is on you have your head lights is at full beam, when blue light is off you'll have it on dipped head lights.


Head Rests

Your going to be asked how you would adjust your head restraint to protect your head and neck in an event of an accident.

Here's the instruction of how to adjust it. make sure your ears are in the middle part of the head restraint. Having it too low and your head is going to go over the top. having it too high and your head might go between the chair and the head restraint causing injury.



Cleaning your Widescreen and back window  using the windscreen wipers and washer.


You'll need to demonstrate how you would clean your windscreen using the windscreen washers.

To operate the key will have to be turned to position 2.

To clean the front windscreen push the button in towards the steering column.  The wipers will go through a cycle. they will clean the windscreen with about 5 wipes, then it will stop. then they will be another additional wipe. It is programmed to do this. Don't touch it, just let the program run it course. There's no need to turn the wipers off.

Front Windscreen wiper stalk.


Push button in to clean the front windscreen


Back Window

Pull Gently towards the steering to operate.

Release to stop the water. Remember the wiper will go through a programmed cycle. You will then need to push the stalk back to the off position or your back wipers will continue to wipe the window every five seconds.



Setting the demisters to demist your windscreen, side windows and your back window.

To demist your windscreen and side window you'll need to set you demister controls to windscreen as seen in the photo below, temperature to warm and your fan speed that's appropriate to the amount of mist on your windows.


On the above photo the back demister is off as there is no light illuminated.


On the photo below the light is on therefore the back demister is on. Once you have switched it on,. On the Fiesta it lasts about 15 minutes and goes off automatic. On some cars it remains on. It's important once the back window is clear that you switch the back demister off as it does use a lot of power.


On the photo below you can see the light is on. your back window is now demisting.



Safety Check Questions Pt.1



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