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April 2012 to March 2013 Driving Test Pass Rate for Motorpass Is 75%

National average for candidates presented for a car driving tests presented by driving instructors in the UK is 47.9%.

Can I take this opportunity to Thank you all, my past pupils that helped me in achieving 75% pass mark. 27.1% above the national average. Well done everyone.


Driving lessons for 23.00 per Hr



Driving Test Success cd-rom

With this offer you'll have no problem passing your theory and practical test. as this package has 3 disks. Disk one is for the theory test. Disk 2 has the hazard perception element of the theory test and the 3rd and final disk has a cd-rom with all details of how to drive by giving you all the essential study aid to help you advance through your lessons and prepare for your practical test. So hurry up and enrol with Motorpass as this offer ends October 2013!!

This offer is available throughout May to  October 2013.

Do you want driving lessons for 22.00 per hour. Go here!


To find out about hourly lessons, FastPass courses, Residential courses, Theory and Practical tests, Pass Plus and expert tuition from your local friendly driving instructor Gareth Griffith. Follow the links below and start your journey from being immobile to being mobile.


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All inclusive. Theory Cd-rom, Theory test,10, 20 or 30 hrs of in car training and The  Practical test.





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 Stopping, Turning left / right

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Up dated 23/May/2013